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Not having enough hours in a day is a problem many people have. Which means there is not enough time for people to focus 100% on what is important. Depot Help has the capabilities to help business professionals with navigating through the city without any problems. 

By offering custom made solutions to our clients, we can work on a plan that is unique and offers a fast and easy solution that best fits their needs. When people first come to Barcelona it can be difficult for them to get the hang of how this Catalan city works. With Depot Help everyone can have a successful and productive beginning. 


our founders


renzo and deborah

This amazing power couple started with a vision - to create a space where people of all walks of life could work and expand their dreams of the future. Having achieved their initial goal, they are now launching into their next endeavor - to create a bridge between the amazing city of Barcelona and it's new arrivals. They have had the privilege of living and working in Barcelona for over 4 years and are looking forward to helping other people establish themselves here as well.

meet the team



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I am Axelle, a Belgium expat who loves the city of Barcelona. I oversee many projects and work with clients to find solutions to their problems! I love to go to music festivals and enjoy being with family and friends.



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I'm Demi, a Dutch Indonesian intern. I'm studying communication in Groningen back in the Netherlands. And I love having fun,  taking walks in the park, hanging out with friends, and watching sunsets.